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Home Insight®
Helping your clients see home buying in a whole new way

Whether your clients are just beginning to think about buying a home or you’ve already helped them find the perfect property, they can access Home Insight to enhance their experience and keep you informed.

PNC AgentView®

Delivers full transparency between you, your clients and their PNC Mortgage Loan Officer by providing more insight and visibility during the mortgage process.

Become an active participant in the application process and reduce customer-side bottlenecks.

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What PNC AgentView Does for You:

  • Receive an email registration invitation when clients opt you into PNC AgentView.
  • Sends you real-time email alerts for each client when their application reaches key milestones.
  • Deepens relationships with your clients by making them more engaged in the lending process.
  • Allows you to view the application status of all of your PNC clients at once in a weekly summary email.
Our PNC Home Insight® Tools Benefit You & Your Client

Home Insight® Planner

Provides greater insight into home affordability by helping your clients set a budget, search for homes and save their favorites.

You and your clients can learn more about Home Insight Planner by clicking below, or by visiting PNC.com/planner

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What Planner Does for You:

  • Provides you with a well informed and educated client who’s aware of what they can afford and homes for sale aligned with their budget and desired neighborhoods.
  • Displays the Listing Agent contact information on each Home Detail Page as your clients search for homes and customize their home affordability summary.
  • Provides Listing Agents with an automatic email from PNC informing you of a prospective home buyer has requested more information about the listing.
  • Provides you with a better prepared client, allowing more time to focus on building your business .

What Planner Does for Your Client:

  • Generates home affordability scenarios based on your clients’ actual budget information.
  • Delivers a clear view of your clients’ spending habits so they can adjust their expenses and find a home payment that works for them.
  • Helps your client search for homes within their budget and save the ones that catch their eye.
  • Shows real-time mortgage rates and your clients can learn which mortgage products can make homeownership a reality.

Home Insight® Tracker

Allows your clients to stay completely up to date, by tracking and managing their loan applications online

You and your clients can learn more about Home Insight Tracker by clicking below, or by visiting PNC.com/tracker

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What Tracker Does for You:

  • Provides your client the ability to opt you into PNC AgentView so you can receive real time updates to stay informed about your clients' mortgage application process

What Planner Does for Your Client:

  • Manage their mortgage applications from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Shows each client’s current application status and loan details, such as rate, closing date, term, rate lock expiration date and more.
  • Receive real-time emails when their application reaches key milestones, and allows them to upload documents required to complete it.
  • Allows the client to reach their home lending team at any time via secure messaging.
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