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Home Insight®
Helping your clients see home buying in a whole new way

If your clients are just beginning to think about buying a home they can access Home Insight and enhance their home buying experience with PNC.


Home Insight® Planner

Provides greater insight into home affordability by helping your clients set a budget, search for homes and save their favorites.

You and your clients can learn more about Home Insight Planner by clicking below, or by visiting PNC.com/planner

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What Planner Does for You:

  • Provides you with a well informed and educated client who’s aware of what they can afford and homes for sale aligned with their budget and desired neighborhoods.
  • Displays the Listing Agent contact information on each Home Detail Page as your clients search for homes and customize their home affordability summary.
  • Provides Listing Agents with an automatic email from PNC informing you of a prospective home buyer has requested more information about the listing.
  • Provides you with a better prepared client, allowing more time to focus on building your business .

What Planner Does for Your Client:

  • Generates home affordability scenarios based on your clients’ actual budget information.
  • Delivers a clear view of your clients’ spending habits so they can adjust their expenses and find a home payment that works for them.
  • Helps your client search for homes within their budget and save the ones that catch their eye.
  • Shows real-time mortgage rates and your clients can learn which mortgage products can make homeownership a reality.
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