Supplier Diversity Creates Better Business for All

A message from Bill Demchak, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Great companies bring together people with diverse points of view, backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to developing innovative business solutions and delivering the best service to PNC’s customers and community. Our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive organization involves every member of our team and all aspects of our business. PNC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion reaches beyond our organizational walls and extends into the communities where we conduct business.

Understanding that the viability, growth and expansion of the local business economy are integrally linked to successful women, minority, veteran, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) and disadvantaged-owned business enterprises (MWDBEs), and small business development and growth, PNC is committed to economically strengthening and growing MWDBEs. PNC’s robust Supplier Diversity program is specifically designed to support this MWDBE growth and development while adding value to strength to our overall supply chain.

Aligned within PNC’s Supply Chain Management organization, the Supplier Diversity team partners with business, civic and trade organizations across our footprint to strengthen our supplier diversity efforts and provide innovative methods that promote MWDBE growth and development. PNC also maintains our own supplier registration portal which is the first step in which MWDBE suppliers engage with our program and enables us to track and identify qualified suppliers while introducing suppliers’ products and achievements to purchasing decision-makers.

Supplier diversity helps us compete for top talent and more closely reflect the communities we serve. It leads to deeper relationships with our customers and vendors, which drives growth and efficiency. Perhaps most important, it positions us better for ongoing success as changing demographics continue to shape our country. For all of these reasons we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to a vision with diversity and inclusion at its core. Our future depends on it.

William S. Demchak
Chairman, President &
Chief Executive Officer

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