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Fighting Back Against Payments Fraud

Fall 2018 Issue



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A Note From Jeff Felser, Senior Vice President

Wherever there are payments, there is the potential for payments fraud. Significant progress is being made in combatting payments fraud through security features—like the EMV chip for credit cards, as well as the standalone features and fraud payment protections being introduced by banks and card issuers—but fraud tactics continue to evolve. Find out more about new fraud schemes and what PNC is doing to help our clients reduce their exposure to commercial payments fraud.

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Innovations in Fraud Protection

This year, PNC will be introducing a number of new payment security features—including Dynamic CVV2 two-way text messaging and fraud alerts, and new account validation services—to our commercial cards. Learn how these features, combined with PNC’s dedicated resources and support, can help stop potential fraudsters in their tracks.

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Infographic: Progress Report on Fraud

The introduction of EMV has resulted in a significant decrease in point-of-sale fraud; however, other payment methods are still vulnerable. See our latest infographic for a look at how each payment type is performing, the progress organizations are making against fraud and what you can do to minimize your exposure.

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Fraud Types At-a-Glance

As fraudsters get more sophisticated, so do the types of scams. It’s important to know what you may be up against, so we have provided descriptions and examples of six major fraud types and the impact they are having on businesses.

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Payment News Update

An at-a-glance look at recent developments in the commercial payments sector with links to related topics in previous issues in the Payment Solutions News archive.


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Analysis and Forecasts of Key Economic Variables

PNC’s economists provide analysis and forecasts of national, regional and global economic and financial trends.

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