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Bank when and where you want with our secure and convenient extension of your Virtual Wallet.

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Quick View and PNC Purchase Payback®

Quick View gives you a glimpse of the important information you want to know. You'll get an overview of your account balances, quick access to your online statements and a list of your most recent transactions.

We've also added PNC Purchase Payback to Quick View. PNC Purchase Payback[1] is a rewards program designed specifically for you, based on where you like to shop, dine or have fun. It provides great offers at your favorite retailers, or suggests similar businesses that we think you’ll like.[2]

Money Bar® and Calendar

We’ve added icons to the upper right corner to help make it easy to access your Money Bar and Calendar within the app. Use Money Bar to see what’s free to Spend, Scheduled Out and in Reserve. It allows you to easily move money from Spend to Reserve using the slider.

View your Calendar to see your past, current and known future transactions. Your Calendar will also show you potential Danger Days℠ and steps you can take to avoid overdrawing your account.

virtual wallet insider app moneybar

virtual wallet insider app spending budget

Spending + Budgets

Spending + Budgets provides a simple way to see where you’re spending your money each month. Find yourself spending more than you want at restaurants? You can create a budget and set alerts to know if you’re approaching your max. [2]

Savings Engine®

Savings Engine is your hub to help track and manage your savings. Use Savings Goals in your Reserve and Growth accounts to save for anything from a new pair of shoes to a vacation. Savings Rules let you set aside money on a regular basis. [2]


PNC is part of a multi-bank, mobile person-to-person payment network called Zelle. With Zelle, you can send and receive money from the convenience of your mobile device. [2]

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Virtual Wallet customers can now use the Virtual Wallet app on Apple and Android mobile devices.