Resources for Female Financial Decision-Makers

In every corner of our footprint, if you're starting, growing, managing or selling a company, whether you need an individual retirement account or an estate plan for a substantial financial legacy, there's a PNC-Certified Women's Business Advocate who can help you.

We want to change your impression of financial service

Many women are amazed by the depth of PNC's support for women in business. Studies agree that women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing business segment in the United States. The number of wealthy women is growing faster than wealthy men. Yet, women still feel invisible in conversations with their financial institutions.  You can expect your relationship with PNC to be different.


Portrait of Bobbi Brown

Get advice from an expert and learn to grow your business with the help of entrepreneur and industry titan, Bobbi Brown.

PNC Exclusive Webcast with Bobbi Brown

Bobbi shares her business experiences and insights that have made her a successful serial entrepreneur.

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Topics include:

  How to Get Started

  Networking for Success

  Overcoming Moments of

  Pushing Through Adversity

  How to Build a Brand

  Mastering Time Management

Insights for Women in Business eMagazine - Spring & Summer Edition

PNC's online publication offers business ideas and tips for women entrepreneurs and executives.

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  • From Intrapreneur to Serial Entrepreneur
    Success Comes Naturally to Bobbi Brown
    Bobbi Brown’s billion-dollar cosmetics brand is music to the ears of everyone who hopes the adage “Do what you love, and the money will follow” is true.
    Bobbi Brown, entrepreneur
  • Get started creating your vision
    5 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Intrapreneur
    That's right. Intrapreneur. You can lead innovative efforts within the structure of the corporation where you work, without leaving your job.
    group of employees discussing ideas
  • What to Look for in a CFO
    Do You Need a CFO?
    A common misconception among business owners is that only large corporations need chief financial officers (CFOs).  Not true!
    mature business woman at desk with laptop
  • How PNC can Help
    Focus on Employees’ Financial Health and Well-being
    Kaley Keeley Buchanan talks about PNC WorkPlace Banking that provides employers with no-cost benefits for employees.
    woman business owner with employee
  • Life after college
    How to Help Your Graduate Succeed
    If there's a child embarking on adulthood in your life, here are some suggestions for helping your protégé launch on the right financial foot.
    hand holding a graduation cap
  • Consider Serving on Boards
    Lessons Learned from a PNC Board Member
    Linda Medler, PNC board member, shares the three key questions she considers when evaluating new board opportunities.
    Woman with microphone giving presentation

  • Resources for Women Financial Decision Makers

  • Featuring: Dawn Gunning
    Women Entrepreneurs & Executives Who Achieve
    As PNC proudly serves the financial needs of women in business, we often come across truly inspirational leaders.  
    Women Who Achieve - Dawn Gunning
  • Learning from Success
    Lessons in Leadership from Top Women Executives
    Leadership Lessons is a series of Q&A sessions with a group of the world's top female entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. 
    2 women fitting a puzzle piece to complete puzzle
  • Planning for the Future
    PNC Insights for Your Family or Your Business Life
    Insights and ideas to help you make today the day you take the next step toward your personal or business financial goals.
    multi-generational family members
  • Why PNC
    PNC has 2,000+ Women Business Advocates
    These bankers are especially committed to supporting the achievement of female financial decision-makers, including women who own or run businesses.
    two people shaking hands
  • The Woman's Advantage - Webcast
    BizWomen Webcast Series - Part 1: Revenue
    Hear actionable tips to generate revenue and sales followed by a panel discussion featuring insights from dynamic women business owners.
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  • The woman's advantage
    BizWomen Webcast Series - Part 2: Revenue
    Continue the Revenue experience. Watch Part 2 and download our pdf.
    Generate Revenue with Customer Service » 
    The Woman's Advantage logo
  • pnc business videos
    Barbara Corcoran: Watch Her 4 New Exclusive PNC Videos
    Barbara covers these topics: Business Size & Growth, Entreprenuer Traits, Starting a Business, and Leadership Skills 
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  • Watch Webcast
    Building a Business Support Network
    Three remarkable women share how they got to where they are and the importance of professional networks.
    Taking notes during webcast
    Video Perspectives for Women in Business
    This collection of short videos features words of wisdom from successful business women who have been featured in programs produced by PNC.
  • Achieving Results
    Benefits of Journaling
    It’s critical to take a step back from the hectic pace of “business as usual” to clear your mind, sort things out and anticipate what’s coming next.
    woman writing in a personal journal
  • Commentary
    How the Women Presidents’ Organization Empowers Female Entrepreneurs
    We had an in-depth conversation with WPO Executive Board member Phyllis Newhouse.
    Business woman standing on mountain top
  • Woman Business Enterprise
    WBE Certification
    Certification as a woman business enterprise for firms that qualify can open doors to lucrative government contracts for women business owners.
  • Achievement Sessions
    Money Mastery and Women
    Get tips from Patrice Washington on how to be in charge of your finances in this Achievement Sessions video.  
    Patrice C. Washington
    Join the PNC Supplier Diversity Database
    At PNC, we concentrate our efforts on the intentional inclusion of diverse- owned business enterprises within our supplier sourcing processes.
    Supplier Diversity at PNC
    Connect With Us on LinkedIn®
    A community for getting advice on everything from lending solutions to optimizing cash flow, learn how PNC helps businesses achieve more.
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