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Our Culture

Hawthorn’s culture is built on the simple precept that we do what is right for our clients every time. We are a company that strives to know our clients better than any other firm and we care about them as people. Our culture reflects our sole mission, which is to provide our clients with appropriate, actionable and accurate advice that puts them in the best possible position to achieve their goals.

Our Philosophy

Hawthorn’s culture carries through from our philosophy to our daily activities and is the foremost influence on how we interact with our clients and our colleagues.  Realizing that no one person has all the abilities to serve a family of significant wealth, we employ a collaborative process with professionals from multiple disciplines.  Engrained in our culture is the value of intellectual capital, objectivity, open dialogue and good ideas – wherever they come from.  The Hawthorn team members held in highest esteem are the people who consistently bring good advice to clients, fully understand Hawthorn’s capabilities and reliably bring those capabilities together to exceed client expectations.

Hawthorn’s heritage and its legal structure support our client-centered culture.  Our parent company, The PNC Financial Services Group, has a long fiduciary tradition.  For fiduciaries, the explicit standard is that clients’ interests must always come before the firm’s.  At Hawthorn’s founding, we eagerly embraced the high standards of PNC’s fiduciary tradition and purposefully remained a business unit of the bank so we would be legally bound to operate as a fiduciary.

In keeping with our culture, at every turn, we have worked to eliminate potential conflicts between what is best for our clients and what it takes for Hawthorn to succeed.  To the greatest degree possible, we have aligned our company’s success and our employees’ success with your success.

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