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Our History: Built to Serve You

Over 20 years ago, Hawthorn’s leaders recognized that families of significant wealth had both financial and non-financial objectives. Foremost among these objectives were multi-generational financial security, raising conscientious children, enriching their communities and creating legacies beyond material assets. We knew it would take much more than investment advice to achieve these goals, because even though investments are critically important, families rarely define success solely by the dollar value of their holdings. 

At the time, few investment firms were offering the high level of holistic support we thought was necessary. So we created Hawthorn, a service firm that focuses as much time on non-financial issues as it does on investments and financial planning. 

Our Culture & Philosophy

Hawthorn’s mission is to provide our clients with appropriate, actionable and accurate advice that puts them in the best possible position to achieve their goals. Our culture is built on the simple precept that we do what is right for our clients every time.

Hawthorn’s heritage and legal structure support our client-centered culture. Our parent company, The PNC Financial Services Group, has a long fiduciary tradition in which the explicit standard is that clients’ interests must always come before those of the firm. Hawthorn purposefully remained a business unit of the bank so we would be legally bound to operate by this standard. At every turn, we have made your goals our top priority and aligned Hawthorn’s success with your success.

In our pursuit of your success, we place the utmost value on intellectual capital, objectivity, open dialogue and good ideas – wherever they come from. Realizing that no one person has all the abilities to serve a family of significant wealth, we employ a collaborative process with professionals from multiple disciplines. We expect Hawthorn team members to know and care about our clients, to fully understand Hawthorn’s capabilities and to consistently bring those capabilities together to exceed client expectations.

Growing with Purpose

Hawthorn has evolved over the years because we wanted to have the right people, processes and resources to fully meet our clients' needs and to stand as a leader among firms who serve families of wealth.  Our strategy for growing Hawthorn has always been client-driven. When our client families needed additional services, we found a way to meet that need, whether through internal growth, acquisition or a network of carefully vetted external resources.

Today, Hawthorn stands as one of the nation’s premier providers of integrated financial services.

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