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Below is a collection of useful educational articles and timely market updates to help you make more informed financial decisions. 

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Is Growth the New Value? (2Q 2018)

Is Growth the New Value? Executive Summary (2Q 2018)

The Long and Winding Road: An Investor's GPS for 2018 (1Q 2018)

If They Build it, Will Investors Come? Executive Summary (4Q 2017)

If They Build It, Will Investors Come? (4Q 2017)

Is 80/20 the New 60/40 Executive Summary (3Q 2017)

Is 80/20 the New 60/40? (3Q 2017)

Incredible Shrinking Earth Executive Summary (2Q 2017)

Incredible Shrinking Earth (2Q 2017)

Great Expectations Executive Summary (1Q 2017)

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