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About | PNC Center for Financial Insight

The PNC Center for Financial Insight (PNC Center) is our center for excellence in wealth management thought leadership that serves as an extensive resource for you and your Hawthorn team. Its purpose is to deliver relevant, actionable strategies that you and your advisors can call upon to help you achieve your life and legacy goals.

Bridging the Gap Between Thought & Action

The knowledgeable and experienced Senior Residents at the PNC Center offer expertise in key areas that may apply to your life, such as strategic philanthropy, transferring family wealth, or business continuity and succession. Its dedicated professionals also produce educational materials, such as articles, webinars and videos.

We develop this educational content with an eye toward the specific needs of Hawthorn clients to help you build the bridge between thought and action. The PNC Center is the next generation of the Hawthorn Institute, evolving to deliver deeper and broader expertise and client support in conjunction with your advisors.

Hawthorn Clients Get Personal Attention from Senior Residents

The PNC Center residents are available to work directly with you, as a Hawthorn client, as part of a team effort with your advisors, to help you gain clarity around your goals and make more informed decisions about your financial future.

Talk to your Hawthorn advisors to learn more about the depth of experience and specialized knowledge the PNC Center can bring to you, your family, and your advisory team. 


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