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Families of wealth usually know firsthand the importance and the value of “big thinking.” Somewhere in each family’s story is a turning point when big thinking turned an opportunity into a legacy. Sustaining and nurturing your family’s legacy deserves the same attention and big thinking that went into building it. But few families have the time, resources and experience to give their legacy the attention it deserves.

A Center of Excellence With Legacy At Its Core

Imagine having your own brain trust for gathering knowledge, interpreting data and culling useful insight from a deluge of information. Imagine having your own center of excellence to do the big thinking and develop tools to help make your life better. 

PNC Center for Financial Insight (Center) is a center of excellence dedicated to thought leadership on integrated wealth management. Some might describe the Center as a think tank, but its mission goes far beyond an Ivory Tower paradigm. Our pursuit of knowledge has an explicit purpose: to deliver actionable strategies and tangible insights to help our client families define and achieve their life goals. The Center is available to you and your family, your Hawthorn advisory team and your other advisors as a collective resource and to directly assist in implementing your strategies.

PNC Center for Financial Insight Focus Concepts

Because legacy is the keystone to understanding what families value, what they want and what strategies will help meet their needs, legacy-related themes are a key focus for the Center. The Center studies multiple aspects of this concept, including ways to facilitate deep discovery that helps families define what’s important to them, articulate their values and create a life vision.

  • Family Education ties closely to our Legacy approach. Once a family articulates its values and creates its vision, a family education strategy can help prepare family members to handle substantial wealth and to fulfill their personal responsibilities. The Center works with Hawthorn advisors to develop customized education curriculums that can transform a group of related individuals into a family working together toward common goals.

  • Strategic Philanthropy is a growing movement to align charitable activities with personal values in order to achieve more measurable results and greater satisfaction from philanthropic efforts. The Center is studying this developing trend in order to deliver robust consulting on philanthropic practices, decision making and implementation approaches. Hawthorn’s Private Foundation Management Services offers comprehensive support to private foundations.

  • Family and Business Succession Planning is one of the most critical aspects of extending a family’s legacy across multiple generations. It can also be a stressful process during which financial and emotional issues often collide. The Center provides resources to help guide families through this period, so their succession plan acknowledges the life goals and abilities of all family members.

Building a Bridge from Thought to Action

The Center’s efforts typically begin on the theoretical side. We look at everything from broad wealth planning concepts to emerging trends to changes in tax and trust laws. Our minds are open to all ideas that might help you and your family achieve your goals and objectives. What makes the Institute so valuable is that our work does not end with the theoretical. We build bridges from thought to action, creating practical, applicable strategies to benefit you and your family.

Once a useful strategy is identified, Center Residents are charged with providing the necessary tools to leverage the strategy through every Hawthorn advisor so that all clients have the opportunity to benefit from a direct impact on their lives. A fully developed client strategy includes:

  • research to validate the strategy

  • white papers that articulate the strategy’s value and methodology

  • analytics to facilitate implementation

One of the most vital roles for Center Residents is to serve as an experienced resource, directly supporting you and your family as your Hawthorn advisors help you customize strategies to your specific situation and personal needs.

A Center of Excellence Working for You

The PNC Center for Financial Insight stands at the intersection of wealth management experience and your personal aspirations. We built the Center specifically to give you, our Hawthorn client, the knowledge, analysis and insight needed to make informed decisions.

We strive to demonstrate consistent thought leadership by actively seeking knowledge and providing you and your family a bridge from thought to action. We believe this leadership will empower Hawthorn to fulfill its promise to keep wealthy families wealthy. We share our body of knowledge with every client, individually, in a customized manner.  Talk to a Hawthorn advisor about Center's current research and how newly developed strategies may help enhance your wealth management plan.

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