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Trust & Estate Administration

“Families of wealth almost always share one fundamental goal – the desire to protect, shelter and transfer their wealth.” Richard S. Aronson, J.D., CFP®, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Fiduciary Services

Families with significant wealth have long relied on fiduciary advisors to administer their financial affairs and on fiduciary structures to protect, shelter and transfer their wealth. When you choose Hawthorn to administer your trust or estate, you offer your family experience, objectivity and understanding support.

More than a Century of Institutional Memory and Experience

As a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Hawthorn has a distinguished reputation for administering complex estates and multi-generational trusts. The PNC Financial Services Group’s trust and estate administration experience dates back to the mid-1800s and offers proficiency across the broad range of trust and estate services, from standard wills and revocable trusts to complex wealth transfer trusts. Today, Hawthorn continues to help family members and others fulfill complex legal responsibilities, manage liability exposures and promote continuity from one generation to the next.

What role does my Hawthorn fiduciary advisor play in my overall wealth planning?

As with every Hawthorn service, our trust and estate advice centers on your family’s intentions. We work closely with you and your family to be sure we fully understand your intentions so we can implement a plan that achieves the desired outcomes. We make trust and estate recommendations in concert with your Hawthorn advisors and other professionals who serve you (attorney, accountant, etc.). We believe this holistic and collaborative approach produces the most effective strategies because it incorporates multiple perspectives and provides cohesion throughout your wealth plan.

Hawthorn, together with your legal advisors and our affiliates, can administer your trust, provide executor/estate administration, and evaluate trust structures. As your fiduciary, we do what’s best for you, above all else. We are committed to appropriately and fairly representing the diverse interests of all trust and administration constituents.

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