Investment Advisory Services

"Your investment advisor's first responsibility is to understand your goals and current investments. Your advisor then works with you to write an Investment Policy Statement that guides every recommendation we make." John Ravalli, Senior Vice President and National Managing Director Portfolio Strategy

Investment Advisory Services

Investing and preserving assets is a matter of great concern for families of significant wealth. The ability to expand your asset base is instrumental in achieving life goals and providing for the financial security of future generations. At Hawthorn, we believe growth of capital can best be achieved through an integrated, diversified, valuation-based and tax-aware approach.

Actively Managed, Objective, Results-Based Investing

The Hawthorn Investment Policy Committee seeks to increase the value of client portfolios through strategic and tactical asset class weighting, prudent manager selection and tax-aware portfolio construction techniques. Using proprietary research, an integrated analytical process and our valuation discipline, we choose appropriate opportunities for you, no matter where they are. We apply sophisticated performance attribution tools to analyze the risk/return trade-off for asset classes and individual investment opportunities, as well as to appraise the effectiveness of our strategies.

How is Hawthorn’s investment advisory approach suited to the specialized needs of wealthy families?

Like every service Hawthorn offers, our investment advice begins with you and is oriented to your needs and quality expectations.  We take the time to understand your goals and your current investments and then design your investment strategy accordingly.  Our total balance sheet approach means your investments are fully integrated with your comprehensive wealth plan. By considering tax, financial and estate planning issues when we make investment and asset placement decisions, we make sure your investment portfolios fully support your family objectives and overall wealth strategy.

Our comprehensive “Framework of Asset Classes” encompasses 35 separate classes ranging from traditional investments such as domestic equities, global fixed income and emerging markets to complex securities that may increase diversification and return potential, but are not generally available to average investors. Examples include single strategy hedge funds, private equity and wealth preservation based structured notes.

Hawthorn produces detailed performance and holding reports customized for your individual requirements.  If your investment holdings involve multi-generational ownership, complex asset structures or other particularities, Hawthorn can aggregate or separate performance and holding reports in specific ways, such as by asset type, account type or family member. Our reporting systems provide appropriate flexibility, including the ability to report assets not under custody with PNC.

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