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Private Foundation Management Services: Helping Families Build Charitable Legacies

Families of wealth often want to build both a family legacy and a charitable legacy, using wealth to foster positive change within and well beyond the family circle. Hawthorn’s Private Foundation Management Services (PFMS) helps families envision, articulate and achieve unique charitable legacies.

PFMS offers comprehensive support services to private foundations, with experience in key aspects of private foundations, from best practices for forming a foundation’s mission statement to customized, cost-efficient grant distribution. Our goal is to support a family’s grant distribution responsibilities, allowing you to focus greater attention on your foundation’s mission.

Less Process, More Pride & Joy of Giving

Family foundations, which are typically established as independent, private foundations, are an especially effective way for individuals and families of wealth to cultivate and manage a meaningful charitable legacy. Although each private foundation is as unique as the family who conceived it, most foundations share common features and face similar operational challenges. Private Foundation Management Services can provide the level of assistance to support your charitable legacy, while giving you greater freedom to pursue your philanthropic passions.

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