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Relationship Strategy Services

A key component of the Hawthorn promise is that we will ease the complexities of wealth, which we do through our integrated approach to wealth management and our high level of personal service.

Your Relationship Strategist is your primary Hawthorn contact, responsible for determining how Hawthorn can benefit you and bringing together all necessary resources to fulfill Hawthorn’s client promise.

Relationship-Driven, Team-Based Wealth Management

Comprehensive wealth management plans inevitably involve numerous elements and require input from multiple advisors with varied and highly specialized knowledge.  At any given time, a number of Hawthorn professionals will be working on your behalf to implement aspects of your wealth management strategy.  For many clients, it is simpler to have one primary contact than to communicate frequently with multiple advisors. Coordination among team members is also essential to be sure that plans are implemented precisely and efficiently.  Your Relationship Strategist is responsible for steering your Hawthorn team and keeping you informed.  Built to meet your specific needs, this team includes skilled wealth management professionals representing multiple specialty areas, with additional resources added as needed.

How will my Relationship Strategist contribute to my family’s success?

Your Relationship Strategist facilitates open and productive communication between you and your Hawthorn team and among your Hawthorn advisors.  Few things are more harmful to a long-term relationship than poor communication.  Your Relationship Strategist will contact you frequently to be sure you are fully informed about our efforts on your behalf and to confirm that we are doing everything possible to exceed your expectations.  Regular communication provides another important benefit: Relationship Strategists stay in close contact with family members so they can proactively recommend adjustments to your plan as issues are identified, circumstances change or opportunities arise.

In addition to coordinating Hawthorn and PNC resources, your Relationship Strategist may introduce local, regional and national resources as needed.  Your Relationship Strategist may also collaborate with other advisors you designate, helping to promote cohesiveness in all areas of your wealth planning.

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