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Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Alternative Financing for Stock Purchases

For many family businesses, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) can be a powerful transition tool and a long term platform for securing growth financing. ESOPs, which combine corporate finance with employee benefits, have risen in popularity because they can provide tax benefits to companies and their shareholders, generate stable cash flow and may boost employee morale and loyalty. Hawthorn can introduce family businesses to PNC’s ESOP team, who will evaluate the viability of ESOP financing for that particular business. PNC’s team offers personalized attention and unique relationship-focused insights to ensure that business owners and their employees enjoy the most desirable results from a stock ownership plan.

Through the combination of Hawthorn’s personalized attention and PNC's broad array of business planning services, we can help make sure your family business fulfills its proper role in your family’s legacy.

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