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"The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application." - Miguel de Cervantes

Transferring Wealth

A well-crafted estate plan offers many well-known benefits. It can provide financial security for those you love, minimize losses to taxes and support favored charities. A less familiar, but useful benefit is the ability to structure bequests to foster your values among your heirs.

How can Hawthorn support my estate plan?

A smooth transfer of wealth requires extensive planning and it is never too soon to begin. Hawthorn serves as an unbiased and independent advocate to help structure the transfer of your assets according to your wishes. We help you determine how you can best provide for and help protect future generations, while also meeting other objectives such as philanthropic bequests. Our experience includes evaluation of beneficial trust structures, trust administration, and executor/estate administration. We are proficient in a broad range of estate-related fiduciary structures, from standard wills and revocable trusts to complex wealth transfer trusts.  When Hawthorn collaborates with counsel to establish your estate plan or administers your trust/estate, your family benefits from our experience, objectivity and understanding support.

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