Interviewing Tips

How to succeed in a job interview.



  • Analyze the job description and your skills as they relate to the job objective
  • Research the company, industry and department
  • Identify your strengths and reinforce how they align to the role and company
  • Concentrate on developing complete answers and remember that a good story has a beginning, middle and end
  • Review job description, your notes and resume one last time
  • Turn electronic devices to silent
  • Be polite and friendly to anyone you encounter as they could be your future colleagues
  • If asked to complete an application, do so without a complaint and complete in its entirety on time
  • Be prepared for any type of interview:
    • One on One
    • Group
    • Round Robin
    • Telephone
    • Video
  • Be prepared to provide examples of when results didn’t turn out as you planned


the number of minutes you should
arrive before your scheduled interview

Dress for the position you want, not the one you have. (You can never be overdressed!)

Ross, Shared Services Recruiter


2 – 3

The number of accomplishments you
should highlight during your interview

  • Wherever possible, quantify your results. Numbers illustrate your level of authority and responsibility
  • Understand the question that was asked before you answer
  • Keep answers concise and to the point; no rambling
  • Tell stories about your experiences as they relate to your abilities to do the job at hand
  • Be attentive, make eye contact and smile
  • Get the interviewer’s business card or e-mail address for sending follow up questions and thank you notes
  • Reiterate your interest prior to parting with the interviewer

Things to Avoid

  • Showing anxiety or boredom, such as looking at your phone
  • Criticizing your former employer or manager
  • Lying or exaggerating
  • Asking about benefits, vacation, or salary (save this conversation for the recruiter)


  • When following up, be sure to include any questions you have about the position or company
  • Be sure to also include the following:
    • Recall a comment or topic your interviewer discussed to show you listened.
    • State your enthusiasm for the position
    • Mention any relevant experiences or transferable skills you can contribute to the position
    • Be patient. Ask the recruiter about next steps and anticipated time lines


Hours: the maximum amount of time a post-interview email should be sent

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