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Project Manager

PNC Grow Up Great® – Community Affairs

 Pittsburgh    Joined PNC: 2014

I am proud to work for PNC because it is a company made up of hard-working and ethical employees whose No. 1 priority is our customers. As both an employee and customer myself, I can see the great work that PNC does for its customers, employees and communities.

I work as a Project Manager on the Grow Up Great® Volunteerism Team. Every day, my team and I work to increase and sustain volunteering through Grow Up Great® across the company. I consult with Market Leaders across PNC’s footprint on volunteering strategies, ideas and engagement within their respective markets. I also help to identify early childhood education centers and organizations to potentially become volunteer partner organizations. Reporting is a huge part of my job, as my team constantly analyzes the number of employees volunteering, how often they volunteer and so much more, which is used for our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

At least once a month, I spend a day with the same pre-K classroom in one of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. I have volunteered in different ways, from assisting the teacher during a typical classroom day, to traveling on field trips and acting as an additional chaperone, to helping the teacher plan lessons using the Grow Up Great® Lesson Center. I get to see firsthand the positive impact that I have on the kids in the classroom, which reinforces my belief that it is so important for PNC to continue to focus on providing support and resources for quality early childhood education.

After graduating from the Human Resources Development Program, I switched sides and worked as a Learning and Development Specialist on the Corporate & Institutional Banking Development Program Management Team. During my time on that team, I supported 11 businesses within Corporate & Institutional Banking and worked closely with the analysts in the program. After spending a few years on the team, I switched gears and moved to my current role as a Project Manager on the Grow Up Great® Volunteerism Team, where I support all volunteerism efforts here at PNC.

Alex during a weekly reading session with her reading buddy, A’Marri.

Take advantage of this time in your career to really invest in learning every single thing that you can. Raise your hand for every project, read about the financial services industry in both internal and external articles, and meet with other employees to learn from them. One of my favorite parts of working for PNC is that employees are always happy to meet with others and share information about their job, their work experience and more. Simply meeting for coffee and asking questions about a team has helped me to further my career with PNC.


Traveling; volunteering; running; and Penn State football (We Are)!



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