Corporate & Institutional Banking

Business Credit Development Program Details

Program Overview

The Corporate & Institutional Banking (C&IB) Early Career Development Program, Business Credit track, offers analysts exposure to the Field Examination Department within PNC Business Credit.

Analysts will work alongside a team primarily responsible for evaluating and monitoring the initial and ongoing credit quality and integrity of the collateral that secure loans.

In addition to providing an in-depth knowledge and evaluation of the collateral, the Field Examination provides a thorough understanding of the borrower’s business and reporting systems, and helps to detect fraud and financial weakness and is a customary way to confirm the quality of the borrower’s financial data, collateral assets, and internal controls. The Field Examination Report is an essential tool used to assist credit decision makers in structuring existing or proposed credit facilities.  

What to Expect During the Program

The Business Credit Field Examination C&IB analyst will gain a conceptual understanding of the purpose for basic collateral tests, as well as the opportunity to develop the skills to solicit appropriate and thoughtful questions and to perform tasks with professional skepticism in order to progress within the business.   

Field Examination due diligence procedures include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • In-depth testing, valuation and analysis of collateral securing the loan (generally Accounts Receivable and Inventory) securing the loans to existing Borrowers in order to verify existence, and to identify and highlight areas of collateral weakness, deterioration and/or abuse of loan collateral.
  • Evaluation and reconciliation of cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory to subsidiary ledgers, general ledgers, and financial statements.
  • Confirmation of collateral reporting on the Borrowing Base certificates.
  • Evaluation of accounting system controls and data integrity and managerial control reviews.
  • Review and evaluation of borrowers’ accounting personnel and financial records.

What a Typical Day Looks Like

Analysts act as a liaison between the relationship manager and the client in providing recommendations for implementation or improvement of collateral control or reporting procedures.

Analysts support the internal and external customer experience by providing excellent service at all times, taking accountability and ensuring problem resolution.

Analysts can expect assisting in the performance of Field Examinations on secured lending clients and complete detailed analysis of their A/R, A/P, Inventory, Cash, and Financial Statement Performance in order to help protect the bank from credit losses and properly identify risk in the Business Credit portfolio.

Additionally, analysts aid in the preparation of Field Examination Reports that reflect current collateral/loan correlations to analyze basic credit situations for review and discussion with Field Examination Managers and Relationship Managers.

Ability to travel up to 75%, and access to transportation for handling local assignments is required. 

Career Opportunities

Based on business need and upon successful completion of the C&IB Early Career Development Program, graduates may have the opportunity to become a Field Exam Analyst supporting Business Credit. 

Duration & Locations




Various Locations Available:

Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; East Brunswick, NJ; Los Angeles, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA

Preferred Areas of Study: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Mathematics. If degree is in something other than Accounting, some basic accounting classes are recommended with additional upper level accounting classes encouraged.

Desired Skills: Highly motivated, results-driven, with robust work ethic. Exceptional quantitative skills, including the abilities to analyze data sets and apply financial and analytical theories. Impressive written and verbal communication skills. Strong attention to detail. 

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year school or university, 3.2 GPA. Ability to travel up to 75% and access to transportation for handling local assignments.


Please check back in fall 2018 for information on submitting your interest.