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Corporate Finance & Accounting

Development Program Details

Program Overview

The Corporate Finance & Accounting Development Program utilizes a blended learning approach that includes experiential, hands-on learning through rotations in Finance, as well as web-based and instructor-led technical and leadership learning. 

Analysts will experience four diverse rotations through different departments across Finance during their year in the program.

In addition, the program provides analysts the opportunity to pursue their CPA certification with reimbursement.

What to Expect During the Program

Analysts will experience a unique learning opportunity through each of the four rotations. The Development Program focuses on placing analysts into groups where they are able to work alongside their fellow team members, adding true value and performing meaningful work.

As a trusted member of the team, analysts are expected to produce high quality work and provide valuable insights during team discussions on data analytics and process optimization.

Analysts will gain exposure to the roles on their team, the broader department through which they rotate, and leadership and executives across PNC Finance. In addition, an analyst can expect one-on-one feedback from management that focuses on career development and learning opportunities. 

What a Typical Day Looks Like

A typical day for a Corporate Finance & Accounting analyst consists of working to assist their team in any way possible while gaining knowledge about PNC and the broader banking industry.

An analyst can expect to work on the budgeting and forecasting processes, business line reporting, ad-hoc projects that resolve issues and create efficiencies, create presentations of various financial information, research unresolved issues, and communicate findings to the teams they support.

An analyst can expect their days to vary as day-to-day responsibilities will be supplemented when they are pulled into different work sets by various members of their teams.

All of this fosters an environment for technical learning and gaining transferrable skills.

Analysts will also have the opportunity to enhance soft skills during quarterly hands-on training sessions facilitated by Development Program leadership. Broader development is strongly encouraged throughout each rotation, with many opportunities to complement technical skills to prepare analysts to become well-rounded additions to any team post-program.

Career Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of PNC’s Corporate Finance & Accounting Development Program, analysts are placed into an Accountant Senior, Finance Specialist, Tax Specialist or Business Analyst role that aligns to the analyst’s skill development with long-term career interests and open positions.

Program Duration



Available Locations


Preferred Areas of Study: Accounting or Finance

Desired Skills: Highly motivated and results-driven. Strong quantitative skills, including the abilities to analyze data sets and apply financial and analytical theories. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Outstanding work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to work well individually and in teams.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year school or university, 3.0 GPA

The next application period for this program will become available in fall 2020.