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Technology & Innovation

Development Program Details

Program Overview

Technology & Innovation strives to achieve a strategic advantage by engaging people, processes and technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

What to Expect During Each Rotation

As a Technology Development Program Associate, you will rotate through areas within the Technology & Innovation to provide you the greatest exposure to rapid development principles and forward-thinking innovation tactics. Associates will be able to bring their ideas and concepts to life as a part of the 12-month experience.

What a Typical Day Looks Like

Associates may participate in a disaster recovery event for banking applications testing for failovers and failbacks.

Associates may also be part of an Agile Team writing and grooming user stories, release and sprint planning, writing functional and non-functional requirements and partnering with our developers to code and test various applications.

Associates may assist in developing and implementing application systems, creating detailed flowcharts to show processing logic for simple application programs.  

Prior associates have been involved in creating job aids for various Demand Management Systems helping to automate manual processes and using Tableau to create reports and dashboards for end users.

Associates can expect to participate in identifying, evaluating, and configuring systems that are cost effective and meet business requirements.

Career Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of PNC’s Technology & Innovation Development Program, associates are placed throughout the Technology & Innovation organization that aligns to the associate’s skill development, long-term career interests and open positions.

Program Duration



Available Locations


Preferred Areas of Study: Computer Science, Information Security, Information Technology, Management Information Systems.

Desired Skills: Strong technical and/or MIS background and are passionate about learning and development within the Technology side of the Financial Services industry. Strong problem solving, organization, and written and verbal communication skills.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year school or university, 3.0 GPA

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