Independent Risk Management

Summer Internship Program Details

Program Overview

The Independent Risk Management (IRM) Summer Internship Program provides opportunities to learn how to proactively assess, report and control risks, and how to measure and monitor risks at business-specific and enterprise levels.

What a Typical Day Looks Like

The average day for an IRM Intern consists of individual tasks, team meetings to give progress updates or receive new assignments, and working sessions to collaborate on projects as a team.

Interns will regularly engage with managers in a one-on-one capacity to discuss progress throughout the program and further opportunities for development.

Responsibilities may include creating and giving presentations, as well as planning and leading meetings. It may also include analysis of data sets, testing of process effectiveness, system management, and investigative reporting.

Career Opportunities

The Summer Internship Program is a direct pipeline for talent into the Independent Risk Management (IRM) Early Career Development Program, providing interns with an unparalleled opportunity to learn the business while gaining visibility among the firm's senior leadership.

Upon successful completion of the Summer Internship, interns may be offered an opportunity to join the IRM Early Career Development Program after graduation.

Learn About the Early Career Development Program »

The program is a dynamic experience which equips participants for various future career opportunities within the business, including: Business Analytics Consultant, Compliance Program Specialist, Insurance Risk Specialist, Detection & Investigation Associate, Regulatory Risk Specialist or Risk Policy Specialist.

Duration & Location




Pittsburgh, PA

Preferred Areas of Study: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Risk Management, Technology or related fields

Desired Skills: Strategic and detail-oriented, possess strong: analytical, problem solving, organization, and written/verbal communication skills

Minimum Requirements: Undergraduate student in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year school or university, 3.0 GPA.

Please check back in fall 2018 for information on submitting your interest.