Investing in Our Employees

We place great importance on having the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills, doing their best work.


Developing Today's Talent Serves Tomorrow's Customers

Our investment in our people includes competitive compensation, increasingly generous benefits, internal mobility, a diverse and inclusive culture, the recognition and promotion of strong leadership, and valuable development opportunities.

  • People
    Our Focus on Talent
    We strive to create a differentiated experience for our employees.
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  • Culture
    Employee Engagement
    We find meaningful ways to acknowledge employees’ contributions to the company’s success.
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  • Offerings
    Competitive Benefits
    Our competitive and comprehensive benefits program is competitive with those of our peers and positions us for future growth.
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  • Workforce:

    Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs)
    EBRGs support employees with a shared heritage, gender, sexual orientation or background and provide a forum for discussion and professional development. PNC’s 10 EBRGs have 70 chapters across 21 markets and engage 30 percent of the company’s eligible employees.


    Line of Business Diversity Councils
    Individual Line of Business and other corporate function Diversity Councils identify opportunities to integrate PNC’s D&I strategy into their respective businesses. The Councils aim to enhance employee recruitment, development and engagement and to enrich the customer experience. There are 15 Line of Business Diversity Councils.


    Regional Diversity Councils

    PNC’s 32 Regional Diversity Councils identify and execute on business opportunities that result from changing demographics in the communities in which PNC has a presence. They work closely with employees, customers, the community and diverse suppliers to ensure that PNC is best serving its increasingly diverse constituents.

    Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

    Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is focused around three drivers: Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace

  • People
    We intentionally seek and develop top talent with varied experiences, skills and perspectives.
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  • Culture
    We foster a workplace culture where employees are engaged and feel valued and appreciated for who they are and what they do.
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  • Customers
    We serve the marketplace by connecting with our growing and increasingly diverse customer base in an authentic manner.
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  • Important Legal Disclosures & Information

    PNC provides equal opportunity to qualified persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or other categories protected by law.