Governance & Risk Management Practices

Our employees are responsible for upholding our values, and we don't take unnecessary risks or trade long-term value for short-term opportunity.


Our Governing Principles Inform Everything We Do

Our corporate values - Customer Focus, Diversity & Inclusion, Integrity, Performance, Quality of Life, Respect and Teamwork  - drive our behavior and reflect our priorities.

  • Integrity
    Code of Ethics
    Our ethics-related policies provide employees with important guidance for conducting daily business activities.
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  • Leadership
    Corporate Governance
    Our corporate governance structure assists the Board of Directors in overseeing PNC's business and in fulfilling fiduciary duties.
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  • Integrity
    Navigating a Political World
    While we do not support candidates or political parties, we do sponsor and engage with appropriate committees and associations as allowed by campaign finance laws.
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  • Effective Risk Management Allows Us to Better Serve Our Clients

    The foundation for our steady performance has been our unwillingness to compromise our risk appetite as competition to extend credit drives terms that do not fit within our risk and pricing parameters. Our disciplined approach to risk management has served us well and positions us to continue growing our business and creating value for our shareholders in virtually any environment.

    Environmental & Social Risk Management
    We've continued to enhance policies and procedures to ensure that our business practices align with our committment to corporate sustainability.
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  • Partnerships
    Managing Supplier Risk
    We have significantly enhanced our Enterprise Third Party Management program to mitigate risks that we could encounter when working with a supplier.
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  • infrastructure
    Business Continuity
    Our business continuity program manages the organization's capabilities to provide services at any time, regardless of the event and impact.
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