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Changing Lives, One Volunteer Hour at a Time

Akron employees help moms show their kids ‘they can do anything.’

Pinewood Gardens is sometimes a forgotten community in the otherwise affluent area of Twinsburg, Ohio. It's a low-income housing development where children and families sometimes struggle to get connected to the resources they need. But PNC volunteers, working with the Pinewood Gardens staff and Twinsburg Public Library, are doing their best to change that.

The Mommy & Me program connects moms with other moms and volunteers, so that they can talk through their challenges. There's also a maternal depression support group. During the sessions, moms can take the time they need while volunteers read, play and do activities with their kids. "It made me become very confident, knowing that I could be a single mom and still be self-sufficient and take care of my child the right way," one participant said. "Because of the resources I had, I'm able to show my children that they can do anything."