Responsibility & Continuity

Corporate Responsibility

In this report, you’ll read how our industry has undergone significant transformation in recent years. Massive regulatory change and evolving customer preferences have redefined the basic business model for banks. Amid the challenges this change presents, we at PNC see an exciting opportunity to solidify relationships with the people we serve and to secure an even brighter future for our company and for the communities where we do business.

The 2015 report includes several new sections. The risk management section provides a more detailed overview of the policies and practices that inform our energy financing. Among other topics, this section outlines PNC’s enhanced MTR policy and our approach to conducting increased due diligence during the underwriting process. We also created a more comprehensive customer-focused section in which we discuss the role of PNC’s new Office of the Customer. This section details our work with diverse customers, our customer interactions on social media and our commitment to helping customers buy and stay in their homes. Finally, a new stakeholder engagement section demonstrates how we interact with all of our constituents, including employees, customers, communities, shareholders and suppliers.

Corporate Responsibility Report


Business Continuity

The PNC business continuity program manages the organization's capabilities to provide services at any time, regardless of the event and impact. Prioritization of investments in people, process, technology and facilities are based on different types of events, business risk and criticality. Comprehensive testing continuously validates PNC's resiliency capabilities and an integrated governance model assures transparent management reporting.

Business Continuity Report