Press Kits

PNC's press kits include multimedia resources that range from press releases, web links, images, broadcast media content and other details related to strategic initiatives, business news and other company activities.

PNC Wealth and Values Survey
January 2016

What's On the Minds of America's Wealthy This Year

According to PNC's latest survey of American millionaires, the source of wealth is shifting, confidence is growing but concerns remain, commitment to charitable giving is on the rise, financial transparency defines millionaire relationships and relationship tensions stem from contribution imbalance. 

PNC Economic Outlook Survey - Fall
October 2015

More Small Businesses Plan to Hire Workers and Boost Wages

Small business owners nationwide are increasingly optimistic about their prospects as a growing number plan to hire more full-time employees and give pay raises during the next six months, according to the new PNC Economic Outlook survey findings.

PNC Perspectives of Retirement Survey
October 2015

Successful Savers Rely on a Little Support from Their Friends

When it comes to retirement preparation and investing, members of Generation X tend to be more worried, are saving more and taking more responsibility for their nest eggs than baby boomers, according to new survey findings from The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

PNC's Green Buildings
October 2015

Recognizing the importance of wise investments, PNC strives to integrate conservation, including water and energy saving technology, into our building practices. Our nationally recognized commitment to green construction has enabled us to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity as well as enhance the communities where people live, work and play.

PNC Grow Up Great

PNC recognizes that learning in a child's early years is essential for their long-term success. Through Grow Up Great, a $350 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2004, PNC provides the leadership, advocacy, funding, tools, and volunteers to help educate parents, caregivers, and communities on how to prepare young children for success in school and life. The initiative has funded innovative early childhood education programs in math, science, the arts and financial education. To date, the program has served more than 1.5 million children.

PNC Financial Independence Survey
September 2013

PNC's second Financial Independence Survey, which sought insights into the financial mindset of 20-29 year-olds who are establishing their careers in a highly competitive job market in the shadows of the global recession, incorporated the feedback from hundreds of Hispanic respondents. The unique study compares responses within the age and ethnicity group; and among those with and without higher education.