Perspectives of Retirement Survey II

Spring 2013

Dentist, Sit-Ups or Financial Planning?

Americans who are actively planning for retirement are more likely to visit the dentist or exercise regularly this year than spend time on their investments or retirement planning, according to the newest findings in the PNC Perspectives on Retirement Survey. More than eight out of 10 (84 percent) expect to see their dentist this year for regular cleanings while less than half (43 percent) plan to meet with their financial advisor to review their investment strategies and only half (51 percent) intend to create a financial plan, according to the second survey on retirement from PNC. Seven out of 10 (70 percent) said they plan to get more exercise regularly in 2013 while only 46 percent plan to increase saving and investing. Overall, two-thirds (65 percent) view money and finances as complex while 66 percent say they procrastinate over financial matters.

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