Perspectives of Retirement Survey

September 2016

The Most Digitally Connected Savers are Most Successful

If you want to feel in control of your finances, take advantage of the tools – and live advice – offered by your financial institution, according findings from the PNC Perspectives of Retirement Survey 2016. PNC found that savers who felt the most digitally connected to their finances, about 45 percent, have the highest average household incomes and highest average investable assets. They spend, on average, 3 hours 42 minutes a week looking over financial information and news online or on their mobile device, compared with the typical investor, who spend an hour less. They were also more likely to seek out the advice of a financial adviser.

Key Findings

  • 45 percent of successful savers consider themselves “very connected” to finances via digital platforms.
  • They average 32 minutes a day looking over their finances either online or via mobile device.
  • Very connected savers have higher average incomes and more investable assets.
  • 59 percent of very connected savers have a financial adviser, compared to 56 percent of all survey participants.
  • Even with all the information at their fingertips, two thirds of survey participants wanted to hear from their financial adviser in the last downturn.
  • 22 percent were so eager to connect with their adviser, they initiated the call.


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