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D.I.Y. Craft Project


Day 9: Ladies Dancing Spoon Bouquet

Turn a simple spoon into a dancing diva in a few simple steps. These dolls can be gifted in a bouquet or used in a fun interpretation of “The Nutcracker.”


  • 9 Wooden Mixing Spoons
  • Pens
  • Red Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Small Doilies
  • Scissors
  • Matching Ribbons and Card Stock
  • Yarn


  1. Draw a face onto the round, bottom side of the wooden spoon. Fold doilies and glue onto the handle of spoon halfway down.
  2. Cut shirt and hat out of matching card stock paper.
  3. Wrap matching ribbon a few times around for a sash and glue it in the back to secure. Glue ribbon to hat, curling with scissors to twirl.
  4. Cut 10 pieces of yarn into 10-inch pieces. Tie a knot at one end and tape it to the table. Divide the yarn into thirds and braid. Knot the other end.
  5. Tie one piece of yarn around the middle of the braid for the part. Glue the braid onto the top of the wooden spoon.
  6. Glue the hat on top of the braid.
  7. Repeat steps to make 9 ladies total.

Tips & Tricks

  • Instead of buying new, search thrift stores for wooden spoons.
  • Mix and match ribbons and card stock to customize the look for each lady.

The PNC Christmas Price Index D.I.Y. Craft

Artist: Say Yes


Say Yes

 San Francisco, California

 I work with a team of brilliant women to share ideas about family, food, style, travel, crafts, and home.

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