How To Receive A New Debit Card – Instantly

You lost your debit card and now you have to wait 7-10 business days for a new one to arrive in the mail. No one has time for that. PNC is transforming this experience for customers who need a new debit card – now*.

It was 24 hours before her trip to New York when Grace Oxley misplaced her debit card.

“Not only was I leaving for New York City that weekend, I was leaving for Europe in 2 weeks. I thought it took 7-10 days to receive a new card,” said Oxley, a four-year PNC customer. “My debit card is my lifeline for my funds.”

Oxley contacted the PNC call center and was surprised to learn her nearby branch at Bakery Square in Pittsburgh could print a new debit card for her – within two minutes on average.

“I had no idea branches could do this,” said Oxley. “I was surprised at how quickly the card was printed. Plus, I was able to place a travel notice on my card through the branch. My expectations were exceeded.”

Grace Oxley
Grace Oxley recently traveled to the U.K., France and Belgium.

Convenience is Key

Instant card issuance printers benefit PNC customers who instantly need a new debit card.[1]

“We want to make it more convenient for people to bank with us,” said Ken Justice, senior vice president and ATM executive at PNC Bank. “The printers are a terrific addition to the services we provide at the branch.”

During instant issuance, pre-printed, chip-enabled card stock is customized with the customer's name, card number, expiration date and CVV code.

Not Just for Misplaced Cards

There are other times you might benefit from instant card issuance, including:

  1. After opening an account. Customers can have their card in hand and make their initial ATM deposit before they leave the branch.
  2. When children are away at college. Concerned parents will know their children can access funds instead of waiting for a new debit card to arrive.
  3. If a card is reported stolen or if fraudulent activity is detected. Customers who come into a branch to report a compromised card can leave with a new card, and the peace of mind of knowing their issues are being addressed.
  4. The off-chance that an ATM keeps your card. In the rare instance that an ATM machine malfunctions and a card is not returned following a transaction, a new card can be generated instantly at the branch. The same is true if a customer accidentally walks away from the machine without taking his or her card and the machine pulls it in to prevent the next customer from accessing it.

Currently, classic orange and Virtual Wallet® debit cards can be instantly printed and made ready for immediate use. Credit cards, business debit cards and affinity debit cards currently aren’t eligible.

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Grace Oxley
Grace Oxley needed her debit card replaced to have funds available on her recent trip to NYC and Europe 

Did you know?

  • Average printing time: 120 seconds
  • Debit cards instantly printed and issued each day: 7,000+
  • Current machines in branches: 2,200+
  • Miles most PNC customers will be within a machine: 10

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