How to Get the World's Catalog of Ideas

How do you stick to to a spending diet? What's the best way to teach kids about money? PNC has these answers and more on Pinterest. 

Are you on Pinterest, the social network that bills itself as “the world’s catalog of ideas?”

If so, you’re probably using pins to research and plan to make decisions for your family, your home and, ultimately, your money. Maybe you’re searching for ideas for the perfect wedding, a dream kitchen, bucket-list Hawaiian vacation or how to save money for retirement.

PNC can help in all of those areas, providing products, services and financial insights as Pinterest users plan for significant moments throughout their lives. That’s why the company launched its Pinterest presence in August 2016 with two boards, said Deb Van Valkenburgh, head of Brand Management at PNC.

Get Education: Online & Mobile

The first two boards, Understanding Your Finances and Early Childhood Education, take advantage of back-to-school time. On Understanding Your Finances, there are college budgeting tips, reasons to start budgeting and how to jump-start your emergency savings fund.

Early Childhood Education gives tips for parents on turning everyday moments into learning opportunities and teaching kids about money along with links to more than 100 free lesson plans through PNC Grow Up Great. That’s especially useful for two of Pinterest’s biggest user groups – moms and teachers.

“For years, Grow Up Great has been posting online resources created by outstanding science and arts organizations,” said Sally McCrady, PNC's director of Community Affairs. "Pinterest gives us an opportunity to reach those who are most interested in this content, so they can access it when and where they want, in the place they’re already searching."

The when and where are largely mobile. Seventy-two percent of users access Pinterest from their phones, and they spend real quality time there. On average, Pinterest users spend more than 1 1/2 hours every month on the social network.

Pins are valuable to people who are considering buying a product or service at the beginning of the planning process and will lead them from Pinterest to for more information.

Info for Everyone

Other PNC content will include boards focused on For the Home and Long-term Planning. "Whether you’re a young millennial just starting to build your finances and career, a new parent saving for college or a more established earner, there’s something for you," Van Valkenburgh said.

PNC will also heart, comment on and repin relevant content shared by users, building relationships and a two-way conversation with customers.

“Pinterest users are showcasing what they want to accomplish in life and how they’re going to get there,” Van Valkenburgh said. “We think we have a unique opportunity to tie this into our brand purpose to do the same thing when it comes to money management and financial well-being.”

Get helpful info to research and plan through PNC on Pinterest

Deb Van Valkenburgh
PNC's Deb Van Valkenburgh says Pinterest content can help users accomplish what they want in life
Sally McCrady
More people, including moms, will find online resources from PNC through Pinterest, says Sally McCrady

That's a Great Idea

PNC has lots of free resources to help you plan for what's ahead and make financial decisions with confidence:

  • Learning Resources: Help from PNC Grow Up Great & Sesame Street for parents, caregivers and teachers with digital storybooks, activity cards and educator's guides
  • PNC Achievement Sessions: Advice on spending, saving, borrowing and investing from real-world experts on financial topics