Video: Turning a Classroom into a Bank Branch

Sixth-grade students at Shaler Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania apply their math skills as they run a school bank within their classroom.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – When asked why he goes to the bank, 4th grader Elliott Inscho said, “I go to the bank so I can save money to get something that I want to buy when I get older.”

Sixth grader Gina Aluise said she goes to the bank to put her money somewhere her brother won’t steal it.

Children at Shaler Area Elementary School in Glenshaw, Penn., are learning first-hand how bank branches are run with the underlying benefit of learning the importance of money management and saving at an early age, which can help lead to better money habits in the future.

Run by its Community Development Banking team, PNC supports 86 active school bank programs across the country in 16 markets. Shaler Area Elementary School has been working with PNC for three years. Sixth graders fill out applications to become bank tellers and greeters and serve in those roles in the same way you would see at a branch.

Watch this video (1:06) to see how a school bank is helping children learn how to save: 

Parents can help young children learn financial basics by opening an S is for Savings account »

AHeather Oros
Heather Oros, Gifted and Talented Education Teacher/Activities Director at Shaler Elementary, initiated the school bank program with PNC in 2013.

Through the school bank, students learn life skills such as how to:

  • Interact with people in a mock professional setting
  • Greet a customer
  • Fill out a deposit slip
  • Balance a ledger
  • Take and count cash 

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