Branch Services You May Not Have Thought About

Despite modern advances in mobile, online and ATM, branches remain an integral part of the customer banking experience and provide services many may not realize.

In an era of mobile banking, remote deposits, advanced ATMs and other technological advances that allow for banking from home and on the go, consumers may go weeks or months without visiting a brick-and-mortar branch.

But branches provide many services customers may not realize exist.

Customers still want to talk face to face with bankers for major money decisions such as mortgages, investments and retirement planning.

“We are customer service providers,” says Leah Evans, manager of the PNC Bank Preston Corners branch in Cary, N.C.  “Our job is to help customers with all of the aspects of their financial well-being, and that can involve any number of activities. We want to develop a personal relationship with every customer so they see us as a dependable resource and consider us their bank of choice for all of their financial needs.”

Diverse Branch Services

Today’s branches offer diverse services, including a notary for some basic financial documents. Check with your local branch for more information on which documents it can notarize.

“I see these services as integral for assisting our customers in ways that matter to them,” Evans says.

Modern technology also has allowed quick turnaround for issuing new debit cards in branches, as opposed to having to wait for them to be mailed.

Approximately 90 percent of PNC’s branches can print certain PNC Bank Visa(R) Debit Cards instantly—a helpful service if your debit card is lost, stolen, or if you want to open a new account. Evans says her branch prints five to 10 debit cards per day.

“You would not believe the delighted look on peoples’ faces when they know they can get a new card right away, especially when they are in a panic because they lost their previous card and really need it,” Evans said.

Other basic services many branches may provide include:

  • Convenience checks;
  • Cashier’s checks;
  • Wire services; and
  • Safe deposit boxes, for storing valuables in a secure vault.
banker sitting at a table with customers


Branches Serve Customers in Personalized Ways

Many branch managers find themselves helping with personalized services that may not be top-of-mind, such as budgeting help and even managing checkbooks.

A customer recently came into the Preston Corners branch with a checkbook that was not matching the customer’s balance.

Evans sat down with the customer, and together they worked on his checkbook ledger.

“He was so gracious and appreciative of the help we gave him to get his checking account back on track,” Evans said. “Something like that makes you feel very good about the role you play with your customers in the branch.”


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Leah Evans
Branch Manager Leah Evans says that branches offer many services that are central to customers

PNC has about 2,500 branches throughout the Middle Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest.

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