She Looks Forward to the Heavy Lifting

Meet Chrissy Filla, who challenges herself to exceed her goals on the job – and in the gym as a formidable competitor in powerlifting events.

ST. LOUIS – Chrissy Filla knows that goal-setting is critical to her job in banking. She has also learned that setting personal goals for her passion outside work led to a medal award-winning performance.

Filla earned a medal in the International World Powerlifting championship on Nov. 12, 2015, in Las Vegas. Not only did she finish third among women from across the globe, but it was also her first time ever in the event.

“It was my first world-level competition,” Filla said. “I was honored to share the stage with so many extremely talented women.”

Filla said her primary goal was to challenge herself and break her personal records for squat (365 lbs.), bench (215 lbs.) and deadlift (415 lbs.).

“I did that but got a little excited a couple weeks before the competition,” Filla said. “I wanted a medal and I got it. It was a case of me getting a little greedy.” 

From Marathons to Powerlifting

A gymnast until high school, and then a cheerleader in high school and college, Filla started running as an adult because she said it is difficult to keep weight in control after working out for six days a week her entire life.

She then took up running, participating in marathons and half-marathons, and then decided to challenge herself further with the sport of powerlifting.

Filla said she performs really well when she sets goals and enjoys exceeding them. She said that her goal-setting approach is similar to how she manages her career as an employee at PNC Bank’s Clayton, Mo., branch.

“I work with my branch manager to determine how I am going to achieve my goals and what I can do to be a leader,” Filla said.

Accountability in the Branch and Gym

Powerlifting can be humbling and Filla believes accountability is critical in both her sport and banking career.

I hold myself accountable to make sure I make it to the gym, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I do the same thing with my clients. I do what is best for them the same way I do what is best for me.

Her medal now is on display at her proud parents’ home. Filla plans to challenge herself again in future competitions.

"It’s really fun watching other people get into the sport,” Filla said. “I enjoy helping other people see what they can do because it’s cool to be strong. It’s really cool to put everything you have into these nine lifts you have at a meet and walk away knowing you did your best. I’d like to help other people experience that.”

Watch video (:59) of Chrissy Filla as she prepared for the world powerlifting championship

Chrissy Filla is a universal banker at
PNC’s Clayton, Mo., branch

Strong Competition

- Women's weightlifting competitions are held across the United States and worldwide.

- The first Olympic competition was during the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia, with seven weight classes.