Acting on Her Passion

Watching murder-mystery shows is among the many things that inspire a Missouri woman to write and/or perform in nearly 100 theater productions since her first role at age 8.  

ST. LOUIS – Elizabeth Breed says she’s the happiest when she’s entertaining people or spending time writing in her “little green journal.”

She loves the arts and especially the theater. Breed, who is a financial consultant at a PNC Bank branch in the suburb of Ladue, says she cannot think of a time when she isn’t jotting down ideas for theatrical productions. In fact, she had her first play produced at her high school when she was 15.

“I always have a little green journal in my purse to write when I’m bored or a spark of inspiration hits me,” she said.

On Stage in Iowa: Two Original Plays

Last fall, Breed had two of her original pieces chosen for two new play festivals in her home state of Iowa.  Her play “Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts,” a modern re-telling of Peter Pan, was chosen for a festival in Iowa City. The play was produced for an audience and also included a cash prize and production contract.

The second play, “Reluctance,” was chosen for the Theatre Cedar Rapids Underground play festival. 

“To date, it’s the play that I am the most proud of,” Breed said. “Writing plays is more than just a hobby; it’s part of who I am.”

Breed says she gets much of her inspiration from watching TV murder-mystery shows. She also likes being on stage. Breed started acting when she was eight years old in the role of Random Munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz.”  Since then, she has participated in close to 100 productions, including the lead in “Hairspray.”

“It was a dream role and the pinnacle of my theater career,” she said. The show took place in Breed’s hometown of Iowa City, Iowa, where she performed in a theater that had recently opened. “Whenever I go home, I get recognized.”

Elizabeth Breed has been a part of nearly 100 theatrical performances but says writing plays is her biggest passion

Coming Attractions: One Wedding, Multiple Plays

Besides planning her upcoming wedding in the fall, Breed is currently working on some one-act plays and full-length plays as part of writing competitions. 

“I’m working with my St. Louis actor friends to develop “American Animals,” a play I wrote that explores corruption, religion and death in a small community,” Breed said. 

Her affection for the arts carries over to her employer as well. In April, the PNC Foundation awarded $250,000 to 11 arts organizations in St. Louis. Since its introduction, PNC Arts Alive has provided $1.75 million to support 65 organizations to increase access to the arts and culture in the St. Louis region.

I feel really proud to be part of a company that emphasizes the arts. The community outreach here is fantastic.

Elizabeth Breed started acting when she was just 8 years old.

Sometimes I sing during work. There’s nothing like being on stage. It’s all about making people happy.