Coming to Their Rescue

Delaware woman offers tender loving care, training and her home to neglected and unwanted dogs and cats.

WILMINGTON, DEL. – While dogs are known to be man’s best friend, Jamie Crowley could be considered the best friend of canines.

Crowley is an animal rescue volunteer who shelters unwanted dogs and cats from Delaware and surrounding states in her home. She has opened her home to more than 100 dogs and cats in the last nine years, providing temporary shelter and preparing them for adoption.

After the first two years of volunteering and fostering, Crowley wanted to do more. She became an animal rescue volunteer, which involves removing animals from hazardous situations and providing a safe home environment. If a shelter calls needing help or an owner wants to surrender their pet, Crowley goes to the animal’s location and provides an on-site evaluation in order to place the animal into rescue.

She also conducts home and veterinary visits, verifies adoption applications, conducts training and serves as a foster coordinator.

“Rescue requires a greater commitment from the volunteer than fostering,” said Crowley, manager of a PNC Bank branch in Wilmington. “If the animal isn’t a good fit for a foster home, it can be returned to the shelter, but a rescue animal can’t be returned to a dangerous environment like a kill shelter or an abusive owner.”

With four dogs of her own, she will care for as many as four rescue dogs in her home. In addition to offering a loving environment as a foster and rescue “parent,” Crowley often provides socialization training. She particularly enjoys the challenge of taking in rescue dogs with behavioral issues.

She credits her animal safety training, ongoing courses and an interest in the latest socialization research and techniques for her success in helping to transition them from unwanted to adoptable pets. 

A Precious Bond

In 2013, the Delaware County shelter rescued a starved and neglected pit bull-terrier mix named Precious that was left for dead. Once the dog’s health stabilized, Crowley provided foster care for her and worked on socialization training. Over the next several months, they formed a strong bond. When Precious was ready to be adopted, Crowley wasn’t ready to let her go, so she adopted her.

“I knew I wanted to provide her with a safe, loving, permanent home,” Crowley said. “Her transformation has been amazing. She became a certified Canine Good Citizen dog through extensive training, learned that new people are safe and what it’s like to be spoiled and loved.”

Jamie Crowley, with Precious, brings her four dogs to attention before giving them a treat
(from left -- Diesel, Chloe, Precious and Hooch)

With her extensive experience in all aspects of animal rescue and adoption, Crowley recently co-founded an all-breed rescue that serves Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and surrounding areas.

I wanted to start my own animal rescue so that my passion for helping animals could extend farther, save more lives and make a difference for animals who don’t have a voice.

Jamie Crowley shelters, transports and
trains unwanted dogs and cats

Her compassion for animals developed as a child. Her family always had pets growing up and her mother often took in stray animals until she could find good homes for them.