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Our lease management and consulting experts provide procurement alternatives that streamline the lease acquisition and portfolio management process for large corporations in many industries.

Expertise for any Phase of the Process

Our lease management and consulting experts provide procurement alternatives that streamline the lease acquisition and portfolio management process for large corporations in many industries. Our procurement professionals provide beginning-to-end lease administration services, handling all the complexities of lease management.

Our programs mitigate risks associated with unwanted and unnecessary lease extensions, inconsistent master lease agreement terms and conditions, missed early buyout opportunities and unclear refinancing terms. Our experience has shown that an improperly managed lease portfolio can add as much as 30% or more to asset acquisition cost.

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What We Do

Review: Evaluating and Analyzing Current Portfolios

If you have an existing lease portfolio, or are considering the use of lease financing as a means to acquire critical assets, PNC Procurement Alternatives Corporation begins the procurement process with a review service. Our highly trained team, with expertise in the leasing marketplace, will thoroughly analyze your business needs and how leasing can be structured to help. We take an in-depth look at the following categories:

Processes - We analyze hundreds of leases every year. We will work to answer the following questions:

  • What are your leasing processes?
  • Are they efficient?
  • Are you using the best methods currently available?
  • Do departments duplicate efforts?
  • Are you wasting money?
  • Are your designed levels of contact on par with others in your industry?

Pricing - We work jointly with your sourcing, legal and treasury departments to evaluate the entire lease process.

  • Are you getting the best rates possible?
  • Do you qualify for better financing?

Terms and conditions - We understand the fine print and will make sure you are getting the best possible deal in every aspect.

  • Are you getting the best lease structures and terms for your business needs?
  • Would a standard Master Lease Agreement provide more control?
  • Do your negotiations yield the structures you desire?
  • Are you getting the right end-of-term options?

Lease versus buy decisions - We will work with your treasury and accounting personnel to establish your methodology for answering the lease, or buy, question.

  • Are you making the right decision for your current and future business conditions?
  • What are the best uses of your capital?
  • Do you understand the nuances of FASB requirements and are you meeting them?
  • Are you properly classifying leases as required by Sarbanes-Oxley?

Design: Developing Winning Lease Programs

With the knowledge gained from the review, we will work with your treasury, accounting, sourcing, legal and management teams to develop a process to provide the continuity and control you require. Our expert design will include best-in-class processes and methodology for every aspect of the lease program including:

  • Lease initiation
  • Negotiation
  • Approval processes
  • Documentation and execution
  • Portfolio management
  • End-of-term resolution

Our streamlined and standardized practices will include a standard Master Lease Agreement (MLA) to be used with all lessors. The process we design will ensure that you receive the best price, terms and conditions, and options as well as manageable documentation.

Portfolio Management: Putting the Ease Back Into Lease Management

Procurement Alternatives Corporation has the expertise, experience and streamlined processes to manage your lease portfolio in the most efficient and accurate way possible. Our proprietary lease management software allows us to efficiently manage your lease portfolio. We take on the entire burden of lease management from inception to conclusion including:

Documentation management - We manage the execution and retention of documents. We will verify the accuracy of the documentation prior to execution. Our review of the documents include: terms and conditions, pricing, equipment detail and duration.

Management of payment process - We can eliminate hundreds of monthly invoices, accounts payable transactions and collection calls. We provide you with reports that provide the level of detail you require.

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