Are You Using the Right Payment Technologies
for Your Business?

New payment networks can improve accuracy and reduce costs

As an owner or manager of military or student housing or conventional multifamily properties, you may face payment challenges resulting from rapid tenant turnover. You need to return security deposits and make other payments to current and former tenants — even when complete contact information is not available. Making these payments quickly and accurately can help you maintain a positive relationship with your tenants and a good reputation in the marketplace.

Real-time payments provide similar benefits for business-to-business transactions. The first new U.S. payment network in nearly 40 years, real-time payments enable immediate transfer of funds and immediate funds availability 24/7, all 365 days of the year.

A solution for business-to-consumer payments

The Zelle Network®, a secure, bank-owned digital payments network, enables member banks to facilitate electronic business-to-consumer payments to anyone with a U.S. bank account using just the recipient’s email address or mobile number. This electronic payment method can also help you reduce the costs associated with paper checks and can be easily integrated with your current payment processes. 

This e-payment process takes advantage of existing Zelle Network security, including the ability to:

  • Authenticate payees via their in-network bank account, log-on process or Zelle registration.
  • Screen for known fraudulent email addresses.
  • Configure and control payment limits.
  • Detect anomalous transactions.

Streamlining business-to-business payments 

Real-time payments are facilitated by The Clearing House Real-Time Payment network to improve the payment cycle from end-to-end. Real-time payments also facilitate data transfer along with the payments for fast and accurate posting. Real-time payments can be especially useful for tax and other government payments, last-minute bill payments and bill presentment, and requesting additional payment information from tenants. And when you need to accelerate a payment to speed up delivery, request a payment to improve incoming cash flows or support cash-on-delivery payment terms while providing the associated invoice details with the request, real-time payments can be the answer.

The network’s unique Request for Payment capability also provides a new way to support business-to-business trading partners as well as business-to-consumer billers and their customers. Tenant recipients of a Request for Payment can evaluate the request along with related invoice details, which will be presented to them through their own bank’s digital channel.  Tenants can easily accept the request and generate payment, or deny the biller’s request if it is unacceptable. The biller is automatically notified of the decision. 

Like Zelle, The Clearing House is owned by its member banks. It operates industrial-strength payment systems at the center of the banking industry and works with commercial banks to create new capabilities for the next generation of payments with the same safety and soundness principles that have always underpinned core systems.

Better than fast

Real-time payments for your tenants and vendors are not just about speed. Real-time payments also give you the ability to incorporate more information with a payment and to transact over weekends, holidays and before or after normal business hours while reducing manual processes and costs.

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