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Fannie Mae Awards PNC Real Estate

Fannie Mae has announced that PNC Real Estate was named a Top 10 DUS® Producer and a Top 5 Small Loan Lender for 2017.

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Are You Using the Right Payment Technologies for Your Business?

Two new payment networks can streamline your business-to-business and business-to-consumer payments, improving accuracy and reducing costs.
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Derivatives Outlook: Rate Hikes in the Forecast

PNC Economics believes the 10-year Treasury will end 2018 at 3.09%,1 in line with broader market projections, and the highest level since early 2014.
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PNC Thought Leading Articles

PNC Real Estate thought leaders share expertise and insights on, one of the largest commercial real estate digital media industry verticals.
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Improve Your Payables Process and Watch the Benefits Grow

As a company in the real estate industry, your payables processes are likely to be complex, intense and unique. Consider thinking of payables in a new way — as a tool to manage your bottom line. To do that, you need to view the process as a whole.
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[1] PNC Economics, February 2018 Baseline Rate Forecast, February 15, 2018