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Fannie Mae Awards PNC Real Estate

Fannie Mae has announced that PNC Real Estate was named a Top 10 DUS® Producer and a Top 5 Small Loan Lender for 2017.

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Understanding Pricing Decisions in Today’s Market

Although the merits of tax reform and its effect on the U.S. economy will likely be measured over the years to come, many of the changes became effective January 1, 2018, raising questions about whether or not the new tax legislation will translate into reductions in the cost of debt.
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Making the Most of Receivables

Not so long ago, most of your tenants paid you by check. Today, they may want to pay online, by check or electronically. Are you ready to incorporate all these methods of payment efficiently into your receivables stream?
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Thought Leading Insights from PNC Real Estate

PNC thought leaders share insights in leading commercial real estate media, including and Connect Media.
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The Rapidly Changing Landscape in Retail

Numerous challenges are plaguing today’s traditional retailers, or those with brick-and-mortar stores that rely on foot traffic for sales. Yet, these companies are finding innovative ways to adapt and are reversing a sector-wide sales slump.
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