Ideas & Insights for Navigating Economic Uncertainty


Over the years, many of us have faced tough challenges including a tech bubble, 9/11, a financial crisis and now coronavirus.

Today, maintaining the resiliency of your business demands a fresh look at ideas and insights that can help you transcend the present challenges and emerge stronger on the other side.


Actionable Ideas

You can trust PNC’s strength, capabilities and advisory focus
to help you solve problems and move forward.


Gain Market Insight

Becoming More Resilient - Insights into Digital Tools

Learn about options to manage business payments and receivables during this unprecedented time.

3:42 min video

Mitigate Risk

Protecting Your Organization from Fraud during Business Disruption

Learn how to help protect your company against many of the biggest online threats that are facing businesses today.

5:35 min video

Raise Capital

Access to Capital Liquidity Has Never Been More Important

Learn how capital solutions from PNC can help to address cash flow issues, financial distress or other challenges to liquidity.

3:03 min video


Options to Prepare Your Business for Economic Uncertainty

Consider these solutions for borrowing and accessing capital, reducing risk, improving payment flexibility and optimizing cash flow.

Borrow & Access Capital

  • Pull fixed assets out of your revolver and into an equipment facility to increase working capital availability.
  • Leverage your asset base to expand access to capital or increase revolver flexibility.
  • Unlock equipment equity and drive new working capital into higher return investments with a sale leaseback.
  • Lock in low interest rates with a refinance of current debt or interest rate hedging alternative.
  • Acquire remote work technologies quickly — even with a limited budget — through the use of an equipment line of credit.

Reduce Risk

  • Take advantage of mobile apps to view your cash position in real time, monitor account activity and approve transactions.
  • Subscribe to email/SMS event notifications of important account activity.
  • Confirm you have fraud protection on your checking accounts.
  • Quickly and easily validate the existence, status, standing, ownership or control when onboarding a new payee or before you initiate a transaction through new account verification services.
  • Address the volatile currency market with new thinking around your foreign exchange strategy.

Improve Payment Flexibility

  • Take advantage of electronic payment options, including RTP, ACH, wire and credit cards.
  • Streamline check/invoice printing with outsourced solutions.
  • Review individual cardholder controls to confirm required spending requirements can be achieved.
  • Evaluate needs for additional cards for employees needing to make purchases directly on behalf of the company.

Optimize Cash Flow

  • Help accelerate the collection of receivables and lower collection costs while improving cash flows with RTP®, the Real Time Payments program from The Clearing House.
  • Maximize your use of invoice automation to help reduce manual processes.
  • Help reduce touch points and streamline deposits with Remote Deposit.
  • Speed up posting and improve security if you receive checks on site with mobile deposit capabilities.


We’re Here to Help

The environment is challenging, but our approach to relationships is simple: We help you solve problems and support the resiliency of your business with a range of solutions from M&A advisory to asset securitization.

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More Strategies to Keep You on Course

View best practices and winning strategies to help you meet today’s financial challenges.


Mitigate Risk

Protection during Disruption: Webinar Replay

Criminals take advantage of business disruptions to execute fraudulent schemes. Learn tactics to help protect your organization and mitigate risk.

50:34 min video

Gain Market Insight

Keeping Resilient & Carrying On: Webinar Replay

This session provided insights into digital tools and other PNC C&IB solutions that may help organizations maintain their resilience and continuity.

49:11 min video

Gain Market Insight

How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the World?

Will the very idea of normal be permanently changed?

10 min read

Raise Capital

Supply Chain Finance Programs Help Drive Working Capital Performance

For many businesses, supply chain finance programs are playing an important role in boosting working capital metrics.

3 min read

Raise Capital

Avoid Cash Crunches with Your Revolving Line of Credit

A revolving line of credit can help you build a financial buffer against short term challenges while leaving the door open to new opportunities.

3 min read

Maximize Cash Flow

How Faster Payments Can Help Your Business

Understand emerging payment types and how they may answer your business needs.

2 min read

Manage Assets

Improving Participant Outcomes in the Face of Market Uncertainty

Plan sponsors face the tough task of helping employees stay on track to retirement through adverse scenarios. A few key best practices reviewed in the webinar and article below can help.

50:46 min video

Maximize Cash Flow

How Much Should I Borrow?

Borrowing too much can have its downside — but so does borrowing too little

4 min read

Maximize Cash Flow

Liquidity Insights for your Business

“Liquidity” refers to how easily you can get your hands on cash when your business needs it.

4 min read


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