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Summer 2020: News & Insights

In this quarterly newsletter, and on an ongoing basis, we gather and share relevant industry information and articles of particular interest for Endowments & Foundations.

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Five Best Practices for Institutional Investors

We’ve put together a list of five best practices to help nonprofits, endowments, and foundations as they revisit their investment programs in 2020.

3 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Fundraising Through Adverse Scenarios

As nonprofits face challenges posed by the pandemic, we look at the correlation between total charitable giving and the broader economy, with a focus on fundraising.

6 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Planned Giving Flash Update: ACGA Rate Change, CGAs Remain Attractive

In this flash update, we discuss the ACGA rate decrease and why we still believe CGAs remain an attractive charitable vehicle for donors.

2 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Outsourcing Donor-Advised Funds

The benefits of outsourcing administrative and operational responsibilities in order to focus on donor relationships.

4 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

CARES Act: Changes to Retirement Account Distributions

In this flash update, we focus on the changes to qualified retirement account distributions and their potential impact on charitable giving.

3 min read

Manage Nonprofit Enterprises

Company-Sponsored Philanthropy as a Component of Corporate Strategy

Most companies view philanthropy a part of corporate strategy, and establishing a corporate foundation is one way to address company-sponsored philanthropy.

6 min read

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