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Private Pension Plans

We provide corporate plan sponsors with a bundled discretionary investment management and administrative solutions for defined benefit plans.

Comprehensive Investment Services

PNC Institutional Advisory Solutions® (PNC IAS) has built a long-standing reputation for delivering a wide range of sophisticated investment solutions designed to help defined benefit plan sponsors meet their unique investment challenges and achieve growth goals, while mitigating risk and minimizing administrative burdens.

We believe that our customized approach and focus on client-specific solutions help to add value to our clients and their Plans.

Our Liability-Centric Approach

At a high level, our liability-centric approach is designed to help create a smoother path to full funding by managing assets relative to liabilities. We follow a structured process that starts with understanding the plan sponsor’s goals and objectives and leads to implementing and monitoring a customized investment strategy.
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Service Highlights

  • Help to formulate and implement an Investment Policy Statement
  • Formulate investment strategy and advice as a 3(38) Fiduciary
  • Provide liquidity management and funded status monitoring
  • Serve as trustee and custodian, including benefit payment services
  • Deliver ongoing capital markets updates and board education

Financial Planning

We provide our clients with the option to implement de-risking strategies for their plans to address the volatility of their plan’s financials. We follow a five-step approach to liability-centric management that hinges on using goals and objectives and an asset-liability study to generate and inform an optimized glidepath, custom liability hedging, and monitoring / rebalancing.

Proprietary Research

We deliver access to our original research on financial markets and the relevant investment trends and regulatory issues to help our defined benefit clients make informed decisions. We make it our job to sort what’s relevant from the noise so that your organization can redeploy its time to its primary business.

Safekeeping Your Assets

We understand the unique requirements of defined benefit plans, and we’re experienced in meeting the changing needs. Our team provides the specialized support and personalized professional services necessary to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations.

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Institutional Advisory Solutions

Providing custom solutions to institutional investors for 65+ years
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Guidance on governance and fiduciary structure, IPS development, Asset Liability Study and strategic asset allocation

PNC acts as a 3(38) investment manager under ERISA, helping the plan sponsor fulfill its fiduciary duty to prudently manage plan assets

PNC manages daily valuation, transaction management, monitoring and execution of asset allocation changes

The safekeeping and segregation of plan assets in accordance with fiduciary obligations as applicable; periodic account statements

Investment implementation including manager research, contracting and transition management

Cash movement, benefit payments, tax withholding and reporting

Thought Leadership & Insights

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Meeting Today’s Challenges with Outsourced Investment Solutions

Many institutional investors are searching for better ways to achieve their investment objectives while controlling risk and managing costs.

5 min read

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Pension Market Review – Second Quarter 2019

Corporate pension funding levels declined during the second quarter. Although rising equity markets had a positive impact, the impact of declining interest rates (that increased liabilities) was much larger.

2 min read

Manage Assets

Taking Advantage of Rising Volatility

As equity market and interest rates swings have recently increased pension funded status volatility, we discuss how plan sponsors can take advantage by adopting a well-executed glidepath strategy.

2 min read

Important Legal Disclosures & Information

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