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Whether you are focused on fulfilling fiduciary obligations, driving workforce financial wellness, navigating a complex regulatory landscape, mitigating risk, or containing costs, we can help you prioritize and achieve your plan goals. Our customizable suite of solutions was designed to improve employee outcomes while specifically addressing your top concerns as plan fiduciary.

Fiduciary Investment Services

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Investment Advice and Fiduciary Support

As plan sponsor, you are likely determined to provide your employees a retirement plan that meets their unique needs. Yet, you face no shortage of responsibilities, including selecting and monitoring an appropriate investment menu, providing related services suitable to your specific workforce, and making sure fees are reasonable based on the services provided. We offer two types of Fiduciary Investment Services to support you in managing these critical responsibilities with confidence. Our experienced service teams provide you with tailored solutions to help meet your fiduciary obligations and the needs of your employees.

3(21) Investment Advisory Service

We provide you with the analytics, education and advice you need to navigate the investment selection and monitoring process, while you retain discretion over your plan’s investment lineup. Through our rigorous quantitative and qualitative screening process, we develop two approved lists: one, a broad list of fiduciary-approved investment options; the other, a refined list of the top funds in each asset category, for you to consider for your plan’s investment lineup.

3(38) Investment Management Service

You transfer discretion over your plan’s investment lineup to us. We assume responsibility for selecting, monitoring, and, if necessary, removing and replacing your plan’s investment options. You may opt for one of three types of investment lineups based on your plan’s demographic profile. The options vary by number of asset classes and investor risk tolerance.


Comprehensive Design and Investment Oversight

Built to save you time and to help protect your organization, our Fiduciary Investment Services employ a thorough and well-documented process for investment selection and monitoring. Our experienced team of investment professionals uses a proven approach of qualitative and quantitative due diligence to select and monitor investment options and our proprietary, multi-phased investment screening process subjects your investment lineup to regular review and oversight using our weighted scoring methodology for active, passive, and target date funds. You receive documentation of our rigorous ongoing monitoring which includes prompt, insightful, quarterly reporting with fund performance and fiduciary monitoring results in one consolidated report.


Value-Added Fiduciary Support

To provide a balanced view of fee reasonableness and provider quality, you are offered retirement plan fee benchmarking and service comparisons through an independent third party as part of our Fiduciary Investment Services. In addition, we can assist you in conducting a formal request for proposal to identify a plan recordkeeper that meets your plan's service needs. You are provided fiduciary compliance assistance as well as access to our thorough collection of fiduciary education with training and resources including best practices for investment committees, formal fiduciary education for committee members, and documentation for the maintenance of your plan’s fiduciary file.


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Fiduciary Indemnification

When your lineup is built using the approved investment options offered through our Fiduciary Investment Services, you can expect protection from liability arising from third-party claims asserting a failure to exercise the appropriate standard of care under ERISA with respect to the selection and monitoring of the your investment lineup.

Employee Education Solutions

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Organizational Success Through Retirement Readiness

You are motivated to help your employees become retirement ready because you care about their wellbeing and you know recruiting top talent, retaining talented employees, and improving your workforce’s financial wellness are vital to the success of your organization. We can help your workforce become better equipped for retirement by taking a holistic approach to employee education, while minimizing your administrative burden and delivering targeted campaigns designed to achieve the employee financial success goals you identify. Our Employee Education Solutions were developed to help meet the diverse needs of your workforce by providing robust resources that deliver measurable results for your organization.


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Consultative Education for Your Unique Workforce

Despite best efforts, your employees may still be underprepared for retirement. Education Consulting Services, our core employee education offering, provides customizable instruction to assist individuals along their path to retirement readiness. Our client-centric process focuses on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce and on working with you to develop and implement a formal annual education campaign to achieve goals you help identify. Tailored solutions designed to support your workforce’s unique needs include in-person employee meetings, webinars, employee surveys, written communications, and more.


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Targeted Educational Outreach with Personalized Engagement

Your employees may be inadequately invested in your retirement plan because they are overwhelmed or confused by its features. We created Retirement 1-on-1® with the goal of elevating retirement readiness for individuals not fully engaged in your plan along with eligible employees who have not yet enrolled. We analyze plan data to identify specific target groups who are then offered proactive, personalized, in-depth consultation via telephone with a real person who can help each employee successfully navigate your plan and work toward maximizing their investments. 


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Comprehensive Financial Training with Incentivized Learning

Your employees may be struggling to meet basic expenses or may not know where to begin when it comes to saving for a mortgage or college expenses. This can cause financial stress that can affect their ability to save for retirement and workplace productivity. The PNC Financial Wellness Achievement CenterSM provides educational resources curated to fit the needs and interests of each employee based upon their unique profile and individual behavior. The interactive digital platform incentivizes learning with a points system designed to motivate engagement with personalized learning tools. Extensive analytics provide insight into employee usage and progress toward goals, which can be used to inform future employee education.


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