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First Quarter 2018, Part 2


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Cybersecurity is a Good Addition to Your Annual Plan Review

An annual review of your retirement plan is a critical step in identifying existing or potential issues that may adversely impact plan participants and, in some cases, even result in disqualification of the plan.
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Improve & Boost Retirement Readiness  

With saving for retirement steadily taking a backseat to more immediate financial concerns, many employees are starting to worry they will outlive their retirement assets.
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Tips on How to Increase Retirement Plan Participation

When it comes to enrollment, there is always room for improvement.
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Retirement Directions Website Launches New Wave of Enhancements  

As part of our ongoing commitment to making your retirement plan better for both you and your employees, our latest updates have just rolled out.
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Key Dates & Deadlines

Here are the key dates and deadlines that your plan will need to meet over the next few months. Contact your Account Manager if you have questions about these tasks or deadlines.
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Investment Spotlight: QDIAs (…and Why There Should be One in Your Defined Contribution Plan!)

Generally, a participant-directed defined contribution (DC) plan may designate an investment fund or model portfolio that seeks both long-term appreciation and capital preservation though a mix of equity and fixed income investments as a qualified default investment alternative (QDIA). So why should you have one in your plan?
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