Retirement Directions Launches First Wave of Enhancements

Recent issues of Inside Vested Interest have discussed many of the exciting ways in which our website is being enhanced to help you manage your plan.  Plan sponsors and participants can now see the first wave of enhancements.

What Plan Sponsors Can See Now
The first wave of enhancements for plan sponsors focused on streamlining payroll and transaction review activities, plus improving access to plan-level insights through a new Plan Health feature:

  • Easier uploading of payroll information
  • Streamlined process for providing employee census information;
  • Immediate access to facilitate approvals of participant transactions such as contributions and loans through a new to-do feature
  • Plan health functionality to provide insights into your plan.

Enhancements for Participants
For your plan participants, we introduced a powerful, new online platform of planning tools geared to help them with their financial planning and gain confidence in their retirement preparation efforts.

Plan participants now have a new dashboard that serves as the central point from which they can manage all aspects of their retirement account, from viewing their asset allocation to changing their contributions:

  • Key information immediately displays to allow participants to quickly evaluate their current retirement plan account
  • A new, color-coded account view that provides an easy-to-read breakdown of their asset allocation
  • An improved view of investments and balance information
  • The ability to change contributions and make transfers directly from the dashboard
  • A new historical chart that provides individualized plan performance results

For a limited time, participants can toggle between the new dashboard and the old dashboard, providing them with flexibility as they get comfortable with the new features.

Plan sponsors can also log in to to check out useful video demos for the new features.

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