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It’s that time of year when calendar year-end plans are beginning to conduct plan audits.

Each retirement plan with more than 100 eligible plan participants as of the first day of the plan year is required to have an independent audit.

Remember that PNC Retirement Solutions® can assist you with your plan’s audit:


  • Audited financials —Audited financial statements are used to assist in the completion of the Form 5500, Schedule H. Plan sponsors should supply a final version of the audited financials with the auditor’s signature to publish your Plan’s Form 5500.
  • Finalizing your plan’s Form 5500 — Once we receive answers in connection with Form 5500 and the independent audit, we will finalize your plan’s Form 5500 and upload the signature-ready Form 5500 for electronic filing with the Department of Labor (DOL). The filing may be facilitated by the DOL’s iFile system. You will need your EFAST access ID to finalize the filing.
  • Meeting your plan’s filing deadline — Your Account Manager will notify you of the completion of your plan’s Form 5500, which must be submitted to the DOL by July 31, 2017 (October 16, 2017 for plans that file a Form 5558 Application for Extension).
  • Distributing your plan’s Summary Annual Report (SAR) to plan participants — Your plan’s SAR — which you’ll find included with your plan’s Form 5500 — must be provided to your plan participants within nine (9) months after the end of the plan year (the timing may be extended two (2) months if your plan files a Form 5558 Application for Extension).

As a part of our signature-ready Form 5500 package, you will receive your plan’s SAR so you can distribute it to participants. However, if you would like us to facilitate the mailing of the SAR to all eligible participants, we can do so. Simply contact your Account Manager for assistance with the distribution of your plan’s SAR, including an estimate for shipping and handling charges that may apply.

Remember that PNC Retirement Solutions does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice, so you should review your plan’s Form 5500 with your appropriate advisors before filing it with the Department of Labor.

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Sample 2016 Form 5500

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