PNC Total FX

Enhance Your Foreign Exchange Risk Management Process

Leverage a web-based platform to effectively manage the entire FX hedging lifecycle from exposure identification to post-trade reporting and everything in between.   

Many companies struggle to identify their foreign exchange risk. Do you have these concerns?

  • Lack of comprehensive visibility into your global activities
  • FX hedging program is a time and resource burden
  • Multiple systems and spreadsheets provide a fragmented view of FX risks  
  • Accurately forecasting FX exposures is difficult
  • Consolidating trade reporting from multiple counterparties is cumbersome
  • Available systems do not readily identify trends and anomalies
  • Risk management and accounting processes are manual or inefficient


What Total FX Delivers

Manage the lifecycle of foreign exchange risk through a single, central application.

Collect Data

Integrates data from multiple sources such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Treasury Management Systems (TMS) and spreadsheets via a file upload process in order to consolidate FX exposures across regions, increase visibility, and enhance reporting.

Aggregate Exposures

Consolidates foreign exchange exposures to provide a global view of currency risks.  This enables you to view both forecasted and balance sheet exposures by currency, by date, or by type at either an entity or enterprise level.

Comply with Hedge Policies

Provides a central repository for recording your FX hedging policy and a means for tracking all of your hedges. This enables the comparison to the underlying FX exposure for identification of gaps and provides the calculations necessary to resolve any discrepancies.

Set Up Trades

Enables the review of all system generated FX transactions in editable queues that facilitate discussion, decision making, and pre-trade adjustment. Once finalized, transactions are submitted for automated straight through processing onto currency trading platforms for deal execution.

Facilitate Trade Execution

Delivers user-approved transactions to currency trading platforms via an automated interface, eliminating manual entry and input errors. FX trades are user-executed and records will be automatically returned for future exposure management calculations, derivative accounting, and financial reporting.

Calculate Effectiveness
& Streamline Accounting

Prepares debit and credit journal entries to assist your derivative accounting process. Facilitates pre-trade designation and post-trade assignment of transactions to hedging strategies. Performs automated hedge effectiveness calculations to assist you in your compliance with ASC 815 / IFRS 9[1].

Produce Comprehensive Reports

Provides detailed reporting on all stages of the exposure lifecycle.  This enables performance evaluation of the hedging program against your pre-defined policy objectives, budget rates, and other benchmarks to assist in your future refinement of the hedging program. 

Automate Transitions

Facilitates the transition to the next FX risk management cycle by delivering user notifications to begin a new iteration.  Automatically incorporates the relevant exposures and hedges from the previous cycle for use in the new cycle.

Explore the key features of Total FX

An online platform provided by PNC Bank, N. A. to manage the entire life cycle of Foreign Exchange Risk.
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How Total FX Delivers


The system functions as several distinct modules which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other; this permits the client to select only the modules that are relevant. 


The system’s SaaS delivery model is subscription based and centrally hosted. As such, it does not require extensive IT resources or hardware saving time and money during implementation.


The system utilizes internet access to enable global users to input data locally while providing management a consolidated view of the entire hedging program.


The system provides a high degree of customization through the use of configuration settings that enable it to be tailored to the needs of each client. 


The system is accessed through single sign on to PINACLE®, PNC’s top-rated corporate online portal and leverages the extensive cyber-security program to protect client data.


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