MMDA Sweep

Combine your Operating + Earning Cash
with MMDA Sweep

An All-in-One Account Structure that is Easy and Automatic

MMDA Sweep allows you to have one account setup for both your day-to-day operating transactions and any excess cash that you may carry. This solution works well for customers that want excess balances to earn interest without the need to manually calculate and move deposits based on spending patterns.

With an MMDA Sweep, you set a Target Balance to keep in your DDA which earns credit to offset your fees and PNC will automatically move excess balances above that Target into an MMDA account to earn interest daily. All balances are available for you to transact with at any point in time.

As you change your preference for fee offset and interest, just adjust your Target Balance. This solution is a great option if your deposit balances fluctuate significantly or if you just want one account to manage.

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  • A checking account (DDA) with earnings credit linked to an interest-bearing Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA)
  • Balances on each account are FDIC-insured up to the mandated limit
  • Immediate access to all funds at any time
  • Unlimited money movement from the MMDA to the DDA
  • Manage value of excess cash by setting the target balance to offset fees and earn interest based on your needs
  • Review both accounts online with PNC’s PINACLE online banking service 


  • Can help reduce time spent transferring idle cash to and from different accounts
  • Maximize short-term interest income
  • Easy management of excess funds through automated process
  • Manage seasonal/monthly cash flows

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