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Kyle Patino | Derivatives Products Group, PNC Bank, N.A.

Kyle Patino currently manages healthcare, public finance and non-profit relationships for PNC Bank’s Derivative Products Group and has worked in the tax-exempt finance industry for 20 years, both as a derivative marketer and a quantitative banker. As a senior leader of PNC Bank’s Capital Markets Group, he delivers real time market information, retail and institutional investor trends, cash market structuring considerations, and plays an integral role in the strategic direction of PNC Bank’s Capital Markets Group.

Patino takes an active role with client strategy and successful execution of client objectives in the capital, bank, and derivative markets. He collaborates with his team, sales and trading, investment bankers, relationship managers, credit officers, loan syndications, and internal/external counsel to deliver solution-oriented interest rate management strategies, capital structure considerations, and debt financing.

He provides quantitative analysis in derivative structuring, asset/liability hedging, and negotiates the pertinent business provisions with all ISDA related documentation.

He serves as a frequent speaker on topics related to risk management, LIBOR & SIFMA trends, tax reform, economic outlook, and hedging strategies.

Patino holds a master of science degree in finance from Temple University – Fox School of Business and an advanced bachelor of arts degree in economics with a minor in political science from Occidental College.

Kyle Patino
CAIA, Managing Director and Senior Vice President
Derivative Products Group, PNC Bank, N.A.